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  • Listening to: Until We Bleed - Lykke Li & Kleerup
  • Reading: Un barrage contre le Pacifique, Marquerite Duras.
1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the 3 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1.  :iconaidenunu:
  • Listening to: Until We Bleed - Lykke Li & Kleerup
  • Reading: Un barrage contre le Pacifique, Marquerite Duras.
† It would be useless for you if I start to say a lot of random facts in order to describe myself. I wouldn't be precise at all, because it's my point of view, and maybe you think I'm pretty unfriendly, or self-reliant, you can judge me as you want, because I just don't care at all. My goal is to be happy and you are dispensable to me.
Anyway, my name is Sara, I'm eighteen years old and I'm quite happy with my life, even if I sometimes get too stressed.
My birthday is the 14h of April. Unless you are Spanish you won't understand why I love this date. I was born the day the Second Republic was established in Spain, before the Franco's dictature, full of repression and terror.
I personally think that Spain doesn't need a King anymore. Maybe Juan Carlos did something good for the country, stopping the coup d'etat , but now the only occupation of the (future) King is giving a smile to the cameras and look good in order to do not appear in critisizing magazines.
I fucking adore art. That's the main thing you should know about me. Every piece of art belongs to my world. I love drawing, taking pictures, painting, writing, designing, composing and playing music… That's my life. Some people would think that is boring, but I enjoy art to death.

I speak mostly Spanish, but I'm bilingual with French, I can mantain a conversation in English, and I'm quite good at Italian
Let's introduce myself.
● My entire name is Sara Mariana, I don't like it at all, so I prefer people call me Sarah or at least Sarah Marianne (like it was pronounced in french).

● I do not like at all the Twilight saga, I do not read those kind of books. It's like 'commercial' books: simple, cute and love stories, surrealistic, and simply written. I appreciate litterature when it's beautiful to read and when it makes you think about it. Twilight is just a sweety vampire story with handsome actors (that I neither like).

● Of course, you should know that I like photography, drawing, and music. Actually I play piano and guitar for pleasure.

● I do not believe in any god. I trust in the human being and his evolution. The results of millions of years investigatiing and evolving is not thanks to someone superior who controls all of us. Althrough, I respect people's religion, absolutely.Actually I think that having an ideology makes oneself grow up and evolve.

● People use to say to me that I've got deep eyes, like if they hypnotize(even if their brown color is ugly...). So be aware, don't look into my eyes or you'll be caught on them. You will perhaps go to another dimension and find monsters that will eat your brains and swallow your entrails.

● I rarely watch TV. Most of the films or the TV shows are on the net, so I watch them there.

● I don't believe in love. it's just a brain paranoid that comes into your mind and you think you cannot live without this person, what is ridiculous.

● I believe absolutely in true friendship. I don't know what would I do if I were alone, without them. In my life, they are ALWAYS there to help me, or to listen to me, and if something happened with them, I would probably die. They are my fucking all.

●Yeah, i know you're asking yourselves about my name: I smoke, yeah, and I love it. I do it rarely, but when I do it, I enjoy it as much as I can. I think that if it grows from the earth, it cannot be bad. And I know people is worried about that, but I say it again: I DO IT RARELY. I am controlling myself. It's like ice creams: they aren't very good for the health, but you keep buying them. I know it's not the same thing, but you're trateing me like if I was a junkie, when I'm not.
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  • Reading: Les Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire.
  • Watching: I want to watch Alice in Wonderland
  • Drinking: Coke Zero
  • Listening to: Light up the sky . Yellowcard
  • Reading: Blogger's little stories.
  • Watching: Skins (omg, I fell in love with this serie!)
  • Playing: Piano and guitar.
  • Eating: Mediterranean food.
  • Drinking: Water.
I wish if you guys still read my journals, ROFL.

It's been such a lot of time I haven't submitted  a new entry, and the other description bore me, so I decided to update this.
Well, let's start by the beginning, right?

I'm Sarah, I'm 16 years old (yeah, I'm quite young, I don't need you to remember this information to me, lol) and I live in a house in Madrid, Spain. Principally I'm an unique person, so you are NOT just like me, we can share likes and opinions, but never BE EXACTLY THE SAME. Actually  the more I appreciate on someone is the difference between us; and the most part of my friends are opposite to me, lmao. Then, one other think you must know about me is that I consider myself Artist. Why? Because I love Art on all of his kinds. Drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, making music, making photographs, watching films, designing...all. I draw since I could take a pen on my hand, I play piano and I'm learning guitar, I got last year a Nikon D40 (and I wish I can buy soon the new Nikon model, the D5000 one...), and I can enjoy all that art on the screen of my Mac OS X that I love to death.
If you ask me about my kind of style, I would tell you that I don't have a defined fashion, I just have what I like and that's all, I won't die if I don't have a fixed style...lfmao.
In front of love, I think I'm very strange. The more you pay attention to me, the more in love I fall. Weird, right? I think this kind of strange things make us all different, I mean, authentic, but that's something who have just a little part of the people in general.
Finally, you can speak to me in Spanish, English, French and Italian. (Btw sorry for my strange english grammar, I did it quickly and I couldn't correct myself lol).
And now you can say that you know a little bit about me.
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  • Reading: Exit here.
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  • Drinking: tea
called sarah.
so young.
but have a boyfriend.
live in madrid, spain, but the most part of my time i'm in my world.
love photography, have a nikon d40.
hate homophobia.
mad about coffee.
always dreaming.
one brother.
hate people who judges before knowing me.
free time spent with piano, guitar, going out, computer, listening to music.
very variated likes about that last one.
speak spanish as a first language, bilingual with french, speak also english and italian.
love myspace because it's so personalizable.
want to be fashion slytist.
dream about living in nyc.
like watermelon, peach, banana.
i'm not made of plastic, like other girls.
have an ipod, and it's full of music.
have so much dreams.
very sensible, i understand other people's feelings.
usually listen and don't talk too much.
love cats and animals in general.
care about the environement.
want to have piercings and tatoos when i have 18.
pessimistic, with bad memory, gossip, lazy, stupid & daredevil sometimes.
called often a 'child' or a 'kid', makes me so fuckin' sick.
rude when i have to be.
fan of pokemon and fencing.
but i am a person, i'm not perfect.
im sarah.
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  • Reading: Lo que escribo =D
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  • Eating: Bubble Gum [yummy yummy~]
  • Drinking: Saliva xD

1.- Si fuera una fruta sería... sandia *-*
2.- Si fuera un color sería... o.o...demasiados colores bonitos x.X
3.- Si fuera un animal sería... Panda w@
4.- Si fuera un electrodoméstico sería... un router xD un portatil mac
5.- Si fuera un libro sería... uno con fantasía y munos extraños (?)
6.- Si fuera una prenda sería... Un vestido *-* o unos shorts vaqueros como mirae xD
7.- Si fuera una joya sería... un....zafiro? xD
8.- Si fuera un objeto sería... un movil =3 para cotillear los mensajes qe mandan xD
9.- Si fuera un coche sería... un smart >w< son taaan monos y pequeños, como yo xD
10.- Si fuera un elemento sería... Agua.
11.- Si fuera un árbol sería... eee... un arce *-* como kaede xDD
12.- Si fuera una bebida sería... cocacolazero o sprite ombree xD
13.- Si fuera un helado sería... si es del ben&jerry's el de cookie dough con pepitas de colores encima y chocolate caliente y una nuez de adorno (en barquillo todo, porsupuesto (H) xD)
14.- Si fuera un planeta sería... La luna es un planeta? xD y sino, pues venus, qe en sailormoon era la guapa xDD
15.- Si fuera un persona sería... nose si he entendido la pregunta... SOY UNA PERSONA! xD
16.- Si fuera un insecto sería... una mariquita azul w@
17.- Si fuera un medio de transporte sería... un yate xD (?)
18.- Si fuera una canción sería... oOo!! eee...misery business de Paramore x3
19.- Si fuera una película sería... Breakfast at Tiffany's
20.- Si fuera una estación sería... primavera,  o invierno con nieve.
21.- Si fuera una flor sería... un tulipán :3
22.- Si fuera un oficio sería... cantante, actriz, dibujante, diseñadora, programadora ...etc.
23.- Si fuera un dibujo animado sería... Kim possible *-*
24.- Si fuera un lugar sería... Una puesta de sol *0*
25.- Si fuera un regalo sería... algo con buen gusto xD
26.- Si fuera un recuerdo sería... un primer amor *0*
27.- Si fuera una ciudad sería... New York o Tokyo >_< llevadmee!
28.- Si fuera un sentido sería... mmm...el tacto...
29.- Si fuera un nombre sería... Kaede xDD
30.- Si fuera una chocolatina sería... Una cookie o un brownie con chocolate fundido por encima *.*
31.- Si fuera una hora sería... las 6:30 que ahi anochece.
32.- Si fuera un invento sería... unas palomitas de microondas o una pizza
33.- Si fuera una parte del cuerpo sería... una cara xD *3*
34.- Si fuera un país sería... Estados Unidos x,x
35.- Si fuera un sabor sería... algo que se parezca al chocolate xD
36.- Si fuera un deporte sería... gimnasia o natacion..
37.- Si fuera un olor sería... a jazmin o a fresa ¬¬
38.- Si fuera una asignatura sería... italiano, con clase de fiesta xD
39.- Si fuera una bandera sería... de la paz *-* (?)
40.- Si fuera una construccion sería...una de las 4 torres q tan haciendo aki en madrid xD
41.- Si fuera un mes sería... abril, shigatsu *-*
42.- Si fuera una colonia sería... pleasures de estée lauder *-* (jazmin) y with love hilary duff.
43.- Si fuera una gominola sería... un ''bicho'', es como un regaliz de esos rojos con dentro cosa blanca, pero pekenio y con picapica por encima xD
46.- Si fuera un tejido sería... eee...seda, o algodón, qe no me dan alergia *-*
47.- Si fuera una forma sería... un corazón <3 aiiiss~
48.- Si fuera una respuesta sería... Te quiero *-*
49.- Si fuera regalíz sería... de fresa xD
50.- Si fuera una palabra sería... eee...e...alegrìa *0*
Huhuhu x3
I came back, i'm your worst nightmare xD

I'm Kaede-chan and i am an ENFERMAMENTAL of all xD
but i'm not a BORRACHA, because i don't like alcohol >w<
And a love a guy *-* but i won't tell u his name >-<
He's MINE >:3

So, welcome to my page :mangapunksai: owo


:icondarukku: << mi hermanito [hiatus]


:iconkaede-senpai::iconmirae-chan: << pedorrasforevah *0*
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{ . : Hello^^ i'm kaede and i'm a manga drawer (i think so o-ò) and i hope u like my gallery n.n

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